Privacy and Data Protection Practitioner

We will be launching EXIN Privacy and Data Protection Practitioner course from first week of July 2019. The course is of 3 days duration with a Certification exam on the 3rd day. The course consists of 5 modules: Data Protection Policies, Managing and organizing data protection, Roles of the controller, processor and DPO, Data Protection... Continue Reading →

COBIT2019 is released!

COBIT2019 was released yesterday, Nov 12, 2018. There are four core publications in COBIT2019. COBIT2019 FRAMEWORK: INTRODUCTION AND METHODOLOGY: This books has new concepts. Principles have changed, we now have principles for Governance system and principles for Governance framework. The concept of goals cascade remains,but we now have Enterprise goals and Alignment goals. COBIT2019 FRAMEWORK:... Continue Reading →

Can flipped learning pedagogy used in ITIL?

Flipped classroom, also called blended learning is a method where learners are provided with resources to read and prepare before they arrive in the class and learners then participate in activities and engage in group discussions. This is a learner centered approach and focuses more on application of conceptual knowledge. With a variety of free... Continue Reading →

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